Fishy Vaginal Odor

Women from all age groups frequently complain about a fishy smelling vagina. This problem may happen to a young girl or even a woman in late seventies. Women who experience it are generally out of their wits as to why they are having a pungent smell from their Vagina. With some women it’s a temporary problem while with other is persists for a long time and might now go even after treatment.

Some women think that it might be due to irregular bathing habits. They think that is more of a cleanliness issue than a biological issue. Women try using different soaps, body washes etc to get rid of fishy vaginal odor, but majority of them find, much to their dismay that even after using all the good smelling soaps and expensive body washes, this smell does not go away.

Many women have experienced that fishy smelling vagina problem comes in patches. They say that it happens to them one in a while and not everyday and the duration of the pungent smell is also not regular. Sometimes it lasts just for a day and sometime lingers on for days.

Another symptom which women report to doctors is that the frequency of having fishy vaginal odor increases. Many women start having this once every couple of months and then it becomes more often.

Women usually relate such occurrence of fishy vaginal odor to sexual activity. Women having such problems who are very sexually active relate it to their frequent sexual activity while who are not sexually active relate it to their sexual inactivity. None of them are really sure of what actually caused it.

When women start having a fishy vaginal odor, they panic. They are not aware of what has caused it. They only wish that it goes away as soon as possible. But this generally is not the case, causing a lot of stress and embarrassment to women. Women become conscious of this become uncomfortable in public gathering and offices. The more they think about it the more they become stressed. Doctors say it is just a metal bloc and women should just try not to think about it when in public.

Many women say that become more aware of the fishy vaginal odor when they get exited. For instance they are more aware when they go out for lunch, a meeting, shopping, or something which is different from their usual routine.

Women who have been having a fishy vaginal odor for long start to carry personal wipes, they want to clean up every time they go to the washroom, to avoid smelling bad. Many women also keep extra undergarments in their purse and try to change into them when they feel the odor has increased during the day. But majority of the women say that it does not really matter how much you wipe, clean or use feminine product, the smell remains. Here is a much better solution.

A large number of women complain about fishy vaginal odor after their just after their menstrual cycle. They usually attribute it extra secretions during the cycle. So, they keep using sanitary pads even after the flow has stopped just to cut out the foul odor. That does not help and sometimes the smell may become even worse.

According to a survey conducted in Ohio, USA, 43% of the women interviewed complaint about a fishy vaginal odor after menstrual cycle. 37% agreed to use a sanitary pad to keep the smell away. 20% of the women interviewed said that they had a fishy vaginal odor usually after a heavy flow during the cycle.

As the above statistics indicate women usually co-relate fishy vaginal odor while menstrual cycle. Women having irregular cycle or problem with ovaries usually think that irregular cycles or ovarian complications are the cause of their fishy vaginal odor. They are hesitant to meet and consult a doctor. This aggravates the problem even more.