Causes of Fishy Vaginal Smell

The vagina of a normal healthy woman has a peculiar smell which is different for every woman. Whether this smell is foul or not depends upon the woman. Every woman has a smell peculiar to her. Women frequently complain about a fishy vaginal smell. It may be during the menstrual cycle or after that.

When women experience a fishy vaginal smell they attribute it to Vaginal Infection, which is usually the case. But while considering vaginal infections they should consider other symptoms also rather than only considering fishy vaginal smell.

Fishy vaginal smell in women is usually a stark change in the usual odor of the Vagina. It may become very strong in odor and unpleasant. It may make the women low in confidence and causes her a lot of stress. They fear that others in public will notice it. Women try a lot of mechanism to hide/cover such fishy vaginal smells.

If we detect at the kinds of bacteria and other microorganism found in the vagina of a women we come across a large of Microaerophilic bacteria. The organisms which protect the vagina from other infections are Lactobacilli and give the Vagina an acidic nature. You may be interested in as a means to get back the proper Lactobacilli Balance.

The acidity of a substance is measured by the pH scale. It is graded from 0-14 with decreasing acidity. When the pH of the vagina is disturbed, it changes the compositions of the microorganisms in it thus making it prone to infections.

Most women, when start experiencing fishy vaginal smells, indulge is rigorous cleaning of the genital area and use a lot of soap. This in turn alters the pH of the Vaginal Liquid. [The vaginal liquid or rather the vaginal mucous protects the vagina from infections.]. This gives rise to infections and the fishy vaginal smell does not go away. The women remain perturbed as to why the smell is persistent even after using so many cleaning methods.

Excessive washing of the vaginal area keep the moisture content in the skin high and may become a gateway for germs to breed. Therefore it is advisable to keep the area as dry as possible.
Wearing synthetic undergarments can also cause fishy vaginal smell. The reason being that synthetic material do not allow air to pass through and are very inefficient in absorbing sweat and other vaginal secretions. Therefore, women should prefer wearing cotton undergarments which are of light color. Dark color undergarments are not advised by dermatologists. Thus the vaginal area remains damp and become a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. These are another major reason for fishy vaginal smells.

Damp vaginal areas can also cause rashes and other skin problems. Women who get infected or develop rashes use a lot of talcum powder or other cosmetic products to get rid of it. It is advisable to refrain form excessive use of such products as they seldom help. Antibacterial soaps and scented body washes should be strictly avoided.

Women having fishy vaginal smell tend to wear tight undergarments and wear pads even without menstrual cycle to cover the foul smell. It should be avoided. These tricks make the area around the vagina wet and thus tend to increase the chances of infections and increase the foul smell.
Vaginal infections can also be caused by unprotected sexual intercourse or skin-to-skin contact with an already infected person. Infections squired in this way come under sexually transmitted diseases. Sometime a foreign body such as a tampon can also be the reason of infections in the vagina ultimately leading to fishy vaginal smell.

Thus we see that a lot of causes are responsible for infections in the vagina and fishy vaginal smells should not be attributed one single cause.